Wen Provides Awesome Hair Conditioning Products

The strength of any hair is often defined by the hair care products that a person is using. Bustle contributor Emily McClure decided to go on a mission to see just how effective WEN hair was helping people strengthen their hair and give it that shine and luster that they desire so much.
Emily has been able to give her honest opinion about Wen products, and this has made many people take interest in her findings. The Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner that was used by McClure was something that was designed to help with fine hair and thick hair. It is all about using the right amount that is specified for the type of hair that you have. That is what Emily McClure has stated in her findings on Bustle.com.

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Wen has made products for all types of hair, and women and men have the ability to pick the products that will address the type of problems that they are going through. The Wen collection is very diverse, and the ingredients are bound to appeal to a number of different people. Some people are going to favor the Amazon Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing products. Others are going to be interested in the Wen Lavender Cleansing products. A lot of people pick products based on the way that they want their hair to feel and smell.

What Wen by Chaz Dean does is get rid of the traditional lathering of shampoos in the past and focus more on conditioners that people can leave in their hair. This allows many people to strength their hair. That is why Emily McClure wanted to try it and comment on it. That is why many other people see the infomercials and go out to buy it. It has become the hair product that women and men trust the most.


Highest Honors Awarded To Brian Bonar For Exceptional Work Ethic

Brian Bonar has personally dedicated more than three decades of his time in the industry of financial and professional direction. His extraordinary level of expertise and knowledge has earned him the Who’s Who award from Cambridge. Brian received nomination for the prestigious award because of his significant work and dedication at Dalrada Financial over the years.

The executive Cambridge, Whos Who leader of the year award is only given out to four different receivers every year, the top two females and males. Brian Bonar has spent over 10 years working at Dalrada Financial Corporation, and it is his because of his work at the company that they have been able to achieve their overall success all these years.

Receiving a nomination for the award is proof of his academic achievements, his leader skills, and professional accomplishments. Currently, Brian holds several different degrees in engineering from the University of Stafford.

At the company, Brian Bonar is tasked with keeping track of the varying product distribution supplied to customers that in tern increases their business efficiency overall. He has made sure all Dalrada Corporation employees are secure and ensured advantages with risk managements insurances for workers.

Comments by many of his colleagues are often given on his incredible diligence, ability to lead and the known fact that he is always the first to take action, rather than wait for something to happen.

Brian Bonar first earned his degree in engineering from the James Watt Technical School, and his later on his masters in Engineering from Stafford. Using his remarkable ability in marketing, he supplied laser printers around the world while working as President at Bezier Systems, a company he founded.

He created the idea for the first SCSI printer to be distributed. He’s been involved with a very broad range of different businesses, all of which continue to add to his overall industry experience.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2015/09/03/brian-bonar-trains-his-employees-in-exceptional-customer-service/ and http://www.modernluxury.com/riviera-san-diego/story/the-new-frontier

He’s presently owns a famous hotel in Escondido, named Bellamys. Now, the resort is rated as 4 star and offers some of the best dishes from all over the world. Bonar had his hands full outsourcing work from the best chefs from all over for the resort to match the famous reputation that resides over Escondido.

Extensive industry knowledge and his business expertise in finance and marketing earned him a title as a celebrated entrepreneur as well.

Even though his academic background is based around engineering, Bonar has used his abilities in marketing to help a variety of of different businesses grow. As a community activist, he’s currently partnered up with Lions Clubs.

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Beneful Dog Food Stops Tooter From Tooting

My dog named Tooter is a Boykin Spaniel. The reason his name is Tooter is because for the longest time he had a problem with tooting all over the house and stinking up the place. Due to the fact that he would toot everywhere, we decided to switch his dog food. After asking a few vets around town we decided on switching his dog food to Purinastore manufactured Beneful because we have heard many great things about it not only from vets in the area but also from friends and family. Upon finding out about Beneful and deciding to buy this brand on Wal-Mart for Tooter we went to the store and bought a few different types of Beneful dog food. The first type of Beneful dog food we bought for Tooter to try was Beneful Originals in the salmon flavor. The second one we bought for him to try was Beneful healthy weight dog food because I thought maybe if we feed him dog food geared towards dogs maintaining a healthy weight it may help to stop him from passing nearly as much gas. The third dog food I picked up for Tooter was one of Beneful’s many wet dog foods and it was the Romana style medley because it sounded like it was full of flavor and something he would like for that reason. Last but not least I got Tooter another wet dog food made by Beneful called chopped blends and I got him the chicken flavor of it. After picking up four different types of Beneful dog food for Tooter to try I took them home and let him try a small dish of each one as I observed the way he reacted to each food. He licked the small dish I gave him clean of every food that was in there but when he finished the Romana style medley he looked at me like he wanted more. Due to the fact that he looked at me in hopes, I would give him more Romana style medley told me that it was the best fit for him as he loved it so much. So now Tooter eats Romana style medley Beneful dog food with chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach in it.

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Darius Fisher Has Good Advice On Avoiding Document Dumps

Darius Fisher doesn’t want people’s personal information to go public and he gave some reliable insights to the  subject. Fisher is in charge of Status Labs, a reputation management company based out of Austin, TX. (The company has offices in New York and San Paulo as well) Through the article, Fisher emphatically points out that personal information is not always private. People make mistakes and expose personal content online. A reputation crisis can result.


To avoid a crisis from exploding, people have to be extremely careful about the revealing personal information. Making the mistake of leaving social media privacy settings off means anything posted on a profile ends up being indexed. By properly engaging those privacy setting, the search engines are unable to list what has been published.


Enhancing privacy requires being very proactive and aggressive with preventive measures. The article suggests changing passwords consistently, searching the internet for any data broker sites currently publishing personal information, and checking out all the mentions of a particular name found in a Google. At the very least, these steps will aid in finding out what confidential information is really not all that confidential.


An unfortunate possibility may arise when performing a Google search. A host of bad content related to a name may end up being revealed. As bad as this sounds, it is better to learn about the situation than never know anything.


Upon discovering online results are potentially harmful to a reputation, calling on a reputation management firm for help is advised. Darius Fisher has long since been warning people (and businesses) that the search engines do not change on their own. New content has to be produced to bury the disastrous material. Fisher spoke at length about this at the Innovation 50 event and has also written articles about the seriousness of “cleaning up” search engine results.


Taking Fisher’s advice in the Daily Beast article is a good start. Document dumps may lead to frightening consequences. This is why steps have to be taken to prevent their occurrence. If something does happen, then working with professionals who can solve the problem is definitely advisable.

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Securus Technologies Releases THREADS 3.1

THREADS 3.1 is here and the United States corrections industry can take advantage of this big data analytical tool. THREADS 3.1 has been developed by Dallas, TX’s Securus Technologies, a company known for producing incredible software and programming solutions for correctional facilities. THREADS 3.1 reveals a number of major upgrades to the earlier version of the released software program. The new enhancements present on this release display a variety of incredible improvements.

With the new upgrade, the interface is going to be easier navigate and a host of cumbersome actions have been deleted. The current version features scores of enhancements that previous customers have long clamored for. Securus has listened to the words of those customers and met their requests. Additionally, those who own previous versions of the software may upgrade for free.

Since the customers in question are correctional facility staff members tasked with monitoring suspicious calls, it is critical the software program works with maximum efficiency. Securus put a lot of work into advancing the previous release. The work and effort has yielded a solid new program.

Devices for prison/jail staff are not the only impressive releases bearing this company’s name. Securus Technologies has also developed programs and apps for inmates and their families. Securus has designed solid Youtube like app for video, email, and voicemail systems to better help communications between those incarcerated [watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jNMeifej0c] and their friends and loved ones.

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