Alastair Borthwick’s Career As An Author, Soldier, And Broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish author, soldier, and broadcaster who was born in 1913. At age 16 he entered the newspaper industry and made a name for himself with his feature “Open Air”. In this feature, he wrote about the people of Glasgow’s new hobby of climbing the nearby hills. These features were compiled into his first book, “Always a Little Further“, which achieved widespread acclaim in no small part due to the fact that it was very funny.

The outbreak of the second world war interrupted his writing career. Alastair Borthwick became an intelligence officer in the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders. He went back to writing after the war because his commander requested that he write about this Battalion’s history. This book was also acclaimed by critics and remains in print even today. It is now named, “Battalion: a British Infantry Unit’s Actions From El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945”.

After this book was completed, Alastair Borthwick moved with his wife, Anne, to Jura. He became a BBC radio broadcaster. This came about because he was interviewed and proved that he had a natural talent for speaking on the radio. He eventually moved back to Glasgow so that he could work on the 1951 Festival of Britain.

From the 1960s on he could be found on television. Alastair Borthwick created 150 half-hour long shows that were aired on Grampian TV. He covered many topics such as inventions and architecture. He also aired a 13-part program that covered Scottish infantry. He hated the war but loved his fellow soldiers which showed throughout this program. During this time he also continued to be a radio broadcaster.

Alastair Borthwick spent his later years living on a hill farm located just outside of Ayrshire. His wife passed away in 1998 and so he lived alone up through the time he needed to move into a nursing home. He passed away on September 25, 2003, having lived for 90 years.

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OSI Industries Conquering New Heights With Each Dawn

Headquartered in Illinois, Chicago, OSI industries is a food company that for the past fifty years has been continuously taking over the food industry. The company started as a simple food market serving the German immigrant community in Chicago. It was established by Otto Kochowsky, an immigrant of German descent who had come to the United States in search of greener pastures.

At the time of its establishment, Illinois was a national industrial center, a factor that attracted hordes of immigrants in search of job opportunities, and also those who on their way to the west of Chicago to set up their farms. This made it the ideal location for a meat market, and soon after its establishment, OSI industries foods was already riding high on success. By the ending of the First World War, Otto Kochowsky had turned it into a wholesale business. To achieve this, Otto moved its operations from Illinois to Maywood.

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After a decade of success as a wholesale business, Otto invited his two sons on board and renamed the business Otto & Sons. It continued to operate as a local instrumental business until it got its big break in the advent of the postwar economic expansion. It is during this period that Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant and invited Otto & Sons to be its sole supplier of fresh beef. After a few years, Ray Kroc officially purchased McDonald’s becoming its sole owner and chief executive officer. This change saw Otto & Sons become symbiotically joined to McDonald’s as a sole supplier of its fresh ground beef. To meet the demands of the ever-growing McDonalds, Otto & Sons opened a separate branch which was specifically dedicated to preparing and supplying meat products to the franchise.

This was the big break that most businesses wait for and since then, Otto & Sons, now OSI Industries has never looked back. However, all the success we see today could not have been achieved were it not for the impressive leadership panel it had, and the foundations laid by Otto and his sons. In 1975, Sheldon Lavin who had been part of the company since its early years was asked by the Otto Sons who were now nearing their golden years to take over the leadership. He was the best leader for the job because, under his belt, OSI industries has done nothing but to achieve remarkable growth, and now ranks 58th on Forbes list of the largest private companies.

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Whitney Wolfe Builds Women Empowerment Brand

Imagine walking into a technology company, a startup specifically that is taking over a billion dollar industry. Green juices and coffee are available on demand. Not something you commonly see you will absolutely see here-not a man in sight. This technology company is Bumble located in Austin, Texas. This company is more than a technology startup but a women empowerment revolution waiting to spark. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at

The day to day operations at the Bumble headquarters may surprise you. This sixty person team is not interested in discussing the norm. Instead, these female thought leaders like to spend time ghosting. These ghosting meetings include ending contact with a partner who does not offer explanation or meaning to a relationship. They also work to outlaw the legality of men sending unwanted photographs of their male genitalia. This company is so passionate about their cause, they even meet with lawmakers to discuss legislatures.

Whitney Wolfe has created a brand that only promotes women empowerment. She has conquered this by creating the first dating app that lets women be in control. Nudity is banned. Kindness is the only thing accepted. Her app offers a breath of fresh air and overall newness to the world of dating apps. She is a twenty nine year old female CEO and wants Bumble to be the brand that breakthrough female stereotypes in romantic and professional relationships.

Whitney Wolfe is no rookie to the worlds of technology or dating apps. She is co founder of Tinder, which just happens to be a rather popular dating app. She walked away from the company and sued them for gender discrimination. The case never made it to court. But Whitney Wolfe still took home stock in Tinder and one million dollars.

This discrimination issue did not stop the means of Whitney Wolfe. She pulled herself together and created what is now Bumble. Bumble has a membership of thirty million people. These members live in Australia, the United States, Europe and other places throughout the world. She plans to expand Bumble to being a platform where women can network and create work relationships with others.

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Shafik Sachedina the Brain behind the Success of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading elderly care facilities that offer specialist adult care services in England. The award-winning facility serves senior citizens living with physical anomalies, dementia, and other neurological disorders.

Why Sussex Healthcare Is Regarded As One of the Best Adult Care Organizations

The industry leader works with a team of fully trained staff who offer emotional, physical, and social care services to senior citizens living with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, dementia, and other detrimental neurological disorders.

Sussex Healthcare operates seven fully equipped residential facilities managed by committed nursing care professionals.

The facilities have a gymnasium where clients receive specialist physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and reflexology services. In addition to the gymnasium, Sussex Healthcare has a hydrotherapy pool used as a remedy for back pain, slowed blood circulation, stress, muscle pain, and headaches.

Who are the brains behind the success of Sussex Healthcare?

Sussex Healthcare runs under the management of Shafik Sachedina, Shiraz Boghani, and Amanda Morgan- Taylor.

  1. Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a trained dental surgeon. He studied at Guy’s Hospital Dental School and advanced his studies in the University of London’s Dental School. He commenced his practice in 1975. Visit his facebook

Sachedina is Sussex Healthcare’s Joint Manager. He cooperates with the other executives to formulate strategies that steer Sussex Healthcare in the right direction. Mr. Sachedina boasts of over 30 years of experience working as a senior administrator.

Besides Sussex Healthcare, Mr. Shafik serves as an administrator for Jamati Institutions, Aga Khan Development Network, FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, and Ismaili Leader’s International Forum.

  1. Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is another force behind the success of Mr. Shafik Sachedina’s Sussex healthcare. Mr. Boghani has a wealth of experience managing companies like; Splendid Hospitality Hotels group, and the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. He has served Sussex Healthcare for over two decades. Read more on

  1. Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Amanda Morgan-Taylor Sussex Healthcare’s Chief Executive Officer. She is a trained mental nurse, with over 30 years in Sussex’s healthcare industry. Ms. Amanda has worked for Craegmoor Healthcare, Cambrica Limited, and the Embrace Group. She is proficient in auditing private and elderly care organizations.

With Mergers And New Discoveries. Talos Energy Poised For Future Growth

Houston-based Talso Energy Inc. is on a roll. In the past two years the company became the first American company to drill for oil in Mexico territory in more than 80 years. It also completed a major merger, an acquisitions and scored a major oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Sept. 4, Talso Energy finalized the acquisition of Whistler Energy II, a company that currently produced the equivalent of 1,900 barrels of oil per day. This follows the late 2017 merger with Stone Energy Corporation. That all-stock transaction bolstered the position of Talos as one of the premier energy exploration companies in America.

Talos Energy made history in July of 2017 when it sunk a well off the coast of Tabasco, Mexico, in partnership with a British and Latin American partner. Mexico nationalized oil industry in 1938 and so no foreign entity has been allowed access to that country’s natural resources since that time.

But Mexico is now eager to change course and revitalize a flagging energy industry. To that end, they allowed Talso Energy, Sierra Oil and Gas and Premier Oil to make a foray into Gulf waters off the Mexican coast. Better yet, the newly-named ZAMA-1 well appears to have been a significant discovery. Early estimates suggest the site may hold $2 billion barrels of oil.

Talso Energy commands a 35% interest in ZAMA-1 and will take the lead on bringing this asset to full operation in coming years.

As for the Whistler deal, the purchase price for the company was $52 million. Talos negotiated the release of $77 million in cash collateral owned by Whistler. In short, Talso will gain $31 million and the seller will receive $46 million. Because Whistler also had a $7 million available cash balance when the deal was finalized, a $14 million cash consideration resulted for Talos Energy.

Industry observers described the Talos-Whistler deal as a “win-win” for both companies. The ultimate result was a transaction that makes for the equivalent of $9,333 acquisition metric of net Boepd.

With the Stone Energy Corporation merger, Talso Energy began to appear on the stock exchange as TALO.

The Great Impact of Infinity Group Australia on the Lives of the Ordinary Australians

Infinity Group Australia has been on record as the only financial institution on the Australian soil that has dedicated all its efforts to ensure that the clients of the financial industry are provided with the best services by the financial institutions. The company was established by its founders, a couple, Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. This happened in 2013 when the two sat and figured out a way in which they could use to make the customers of the financial industry, and especially those that consumed commercial loans felt the value of being the esteemed customers that they are. The only way that they could feel so was by providing them with the right treatment and services that were commensurate with the support that they offered the institutions.


One thing that the financial institutions never understood was that the customers were the pillars behind their success in the industry. If they all rejected of boycotted their services, they would all go home with empty pockets. However, the impunity of observing how the customers depended on them for the survival of their financial projects could not allow them to figure that out. The best strategy that Graeme Holm decided to use was to establish a firm offering similar services to the existing financial institutions, but with a flavor of excellent customer service. He named the organization, Infinity Group Australia.


This was a breakthrough for both Graeme Holm and the people of Australia because immediately the firm was established, the customers started flocking in seeking the assistance of the couple, Graeme and Rebecca. This was because of the treatment in which they treated their customers whenever they visited their premises seeking their financial aid. The credit customers were the main beneficiaries of the establishment of Infinity Group Australia. This was because they were the most oppressed customers under the traditional banking institutions. The financial customers used to lend money to these clients without adequately advising them on what was expected of them during the repayment period to avoid challenges as they refunded the amount.


To solve this, Graeme Holm made himself a personal banker for all the clients of Infinity Group Australia. Graeme advised any client who visited the institution with the intention of borrowing funds on the best financial practices that they could implement to evade challenges during the repayment process. Evidence from the Infinity Group Australia reviews indicates that the customers of the institution are the happiest in the industry. Learn more:


GoBuyside Is Improving The Recruiting Process

There is always a struggle when it comes to finding the right employees for the job in the financial industry. Plenty of people are qualified, however, the truly talented individuals are much harder to find. For most CEO’s and company heads, finding the top talent in industry is tough and providing a simple screening process isn’t always an effective method for finding them. Often times, it is hard to tell which candidates actually have the qualities that are desired since an interview isn’t always enough to figure it out.

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A companies growth is dependant on the quality of the employees working there, which is why corporations are always on the lookout for the highest achieving individuals. Thankfully, there are a variety of companies out there that are dedicated to finding talent and placing them with the right company, namely GoBuyside. Companies like GoBuyside can take some pressure off the CEO’s and managers out there by taking care of the footwork to find the right individuals they are looking for. GoBuyside acts as a managerial searching firm and primarily works with private organizations and financial companies.

GoBuyside has been steadily expanding over the years and these days they work with more than 500 different businesses around the country, working night and day to find talented individuals. While their methods aren’t fully disclosed, they used technology and a variety of strategies to find the perfect fit for any company out there. According to Arjun Kapur founder of GoBuyside, his idea for the company formed when he noticed there were many companies out there facing the same problem not being able to find the right people for the company to increase production and provide new growth.

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Shiraz Boghani Makes Headlines For Winning A Prestigious Award

In life it is always awesome when your noble work is recognized by someone especially when makes impact in the community. Shiraz Boghani has received this award severally in his life. Over thirty years he has been fulltime entrepreneur, hotelier and an investor. Here he has been assisting people from all class. Learn more about Shiraz Boghani at Crunchbase.

Humble Beginning

After being born in Kenya in late 60s Shiraz Boghani relocated to England where he grew up. Being a young man, many inequalities which dominated some sectors in life disturbed him. He had hope that one day there would be light and he will help to people live a fair life. He has lived to his vision. After working in hospitality and Hotel sector for more than thirty years he can offer his finance and time to the ones in need of his assistance. He has achieved this via donations and contributions to philanthropic organizations and other humanitarian institutions in Europe and United Kingdom. The Aga Khan Foundation being one of the institutions that have benefited from his charitable donations

Shiraz Boghani is a talented chartered accountant. This clearly describes the reasons why he has been successful in his activities. He has received many rewards for his achievements. The most recent award came in 2016 when he was named the Hotelier of the Year in the Asian Business Award. When he was being awarded, the panel discovered that his achievements in the Splendid Hospitality Hospital Group is crucial

Shiraz Boghani embraces other spots of influence that have allowed him to visit many places in the world. He is the founder member of the Sussex Health Care. The nursing and health care facility which has grown to own over nineteen homes in numerous parts of the United Kingdom. The facility bids healthcare amenities to the young and old patients that suffer from Dementia and Alzheime diseases. The other individuals who are not closer to these facilities receive the services when the firm goes for outreach plans He is the co-founder partner and chair of the Sojourn Hotels. The Sojourn Hotel is the chain of high-end hotels which delivers hospitality services to the best across the United Kingdom.

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An Insight into the Life and Career of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, and social justice activist. He was born and raised in Jamaica. Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worse since he was a victim of homophobic violence while in Jamaica. Eventually, he decided to seek safe haven in Toronto, Canada.

At the age of 10, Henry started his high school education. With time, Gareth Henry became aware of his attraction to individuals of the same sex. Since gay individuals were termed as outcasts in the society, Henry became a “loner” since he wasn’t in a position to talk about his condition with anyone even his family members. After some time, Henry moved away from home with the help of his uncle just before his 16th birthday. For once, Henry felt free, and he decided to come out as a gay person.

After completing his studies at the Titchfield High School, Henry relocated to Kingston, Jamaica where he enrolled at the Excelsior Community College where he received a B.Sc. degree in Social Work. Gareth Henry also enrolled at the University of the West Indies where he graduated with a master’s degree in Communications for Social and Behavior Change.

Gareth Henry decided to become a volunteer at the JASL (Jamaica AIDS Support for Life) in 1997. While working at the NGO, Henry was able to interact with other gay individuals. Afterwards, another human rights organization known as J-FLAG (Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexual, and Gays) was founded. Gareth Henry decided to become a volunteer within the organization as from 1998 December.

The organization was running smoothly until June 9, 2004, the Brian Williamson, the J-FLAG co-founder, and spokesman was murdered. Eventually, Henry decided to become the new director and the lead advocate of J-FLAG.

While serving at J-FLAG, Henry lost 13 friends due to homophobic violence in Jamaica. With time, life took a turn for the worse, and Henry had to flee Jamaica since he had succumbed to homophobic violence together with a group of gay individuals on February 14, 2007. Although Henry was reporting such cases to the authorities, no action was taken. Eventually, he had to go into hiding, and he decided to seek safe haven in Toronto, Canada.

How Does Neurocore Work With Outside Entities?

Neurocore works with many outside entities, and they have a number of brain training programs that they offer to people who need them most. They have worked with the NBA, and they are bringing in different clients to get them the help that they need. They are using neurofeedback, and they are showing people how they can align brainwaves with the tasks at-hand.

  1. Dealing With Focus

Neurocore deals a lot with focus, and they use special machines to help people focus. They work with the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA, and they help their players better focus on the plays that they need to know. Someone who is trying to get their brain to focus more should contract Neurocore because they can get the same kind of service that the company offers to other people.

  1. Anxiety And Depression

There are many people who cannot focus because they have anxiety or depression. They need the help of the neurofeedback program that Neurocore offers, and they need to have a therapist talk with them about how they are improving. They are trying to make it so that they can focus through the worst times of the day, and they will have a much better way of coping if they ever feel unwell.

  1. Neurocore Has A Good Bedside Manner

Neurocore is very helpful to all their clients, and they are much more kind than traditional doctors might be. They try to give people the helping hand that they need, and that is why people need to come in and get a consultation. They will talk to someone who wants to learn what they really need, and every client is given a custom treatment program. The programs are safe, and they will help people feel more confident about their brain function going forward.

  1. Conclusion

There are many people who turn to Neurocore because they must focus at work. The company has worked with the NBA, and they provide custom programs to people who are most in need of help with a program that will help align their brainwaves for better cognition.