Sheldon Lavin: Including Work Information

Sheldon Lavin serves OSI Group as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. OSI Group now is a big producer of food in the world. Under Lavin’s leadership it’s been dedicated to rational production of food. This attempt is based on the extensive background of accepting the issues and bonuses of technology that’s cutting-edge. Being in the role of an innovator in the sector of food isn’t a new difficulty for OSI.

OSI Group has gone from a butcher shop in the Chicago neighborhood to an essential supplier of chain restaurants. It then went from a main supplier of a basic carrier for McDonald’s chain restaurants. This was located in the American Midwest. It is also a worldwide conglomerate of food which has been one of the greatest impressive stories of businesses. This was since the previous century. Also, Sheldon Lavin since the middle of the 1970s, he’s been manager of that striking increase. In dusk of his work life, Lavin was guide of OSI Group. This was to acceptance of modern approaches and technologies. This is so they can move up productivity and move down the environmental footprint. This is of operations of the company. Sustainability is currently s core prisms which OSI management is making practical decisions.

As in the attitude with OSI new methods and approaches get created and suitable as the company sees the worldwide need for more food production that’s good for the environment and continual. That got both Sheldon Lavin and OSI to get many distinguished awards of sustainability. An example is the California Green Business Award. In Lavin’s eyes the awards are the excellent achievement of a career of business that’s illustrious and extensive.

Because of its extensive and powerful growth, in partnership with McDonald’s under the leadership of his. Sheldon Lavin actually became the only one controlling OSI’s interest after the final partner of Lavin had retired. This occurred in the 2000s. When Lavin was interviewed he explained they he would have went back to original finance career if OSI wouldn’t have greatly increased.

Adam Milstein Helps Pro-Israeli Non-Profit Businesses

Adam Milstein and his wife have long since been a part of the charitable contributions that the American Jewish and Israeli-American communities have received. There was a massive and impressively generous donation of $13 million dollars that was made to the Israeli-American Council. The donation was made by the Pro-Israeli philanthropists Sheldon Adelson and Miriam Adelson. This huge donation took place during the 10th annual gala located at the Beverly Hilton.

Even though the donation was impressive, it was not the biggest. The largest donation of the event was estimated to be $16.5 million dollars. Other similar donations were made by other generous pro-Israeli philanthropists such as Haim Saban.

The Israeli-American Council is a non-profit organization that was co-founded by Adam Milstein and his wife Gila Milstein. Since its inception it has been able to achieve extraordinary leaps in its selfless purpose. One of the most notable donors stated that he was deeply invested in the long-term success of the organization because of its vision of a nation wide community with Israel in its heart. His investment is not only in the organization but in the future of the Jewish and Israeli Americans to come.

Adam Milstein came to the United States in 1981 with his family. Since then he has been able to earn an MBA from UCLA. He was also able to climb the corporate ladder of the commercial real estate business and become managing partner for the Hager Pacific Properties firm. Some of the other non-profit organizations that Adam Milstein and his wife were successfully able to co-found are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. These organizations are for the sole purpose of promoting the unity of the Israeli-American and the American Jewish communities.

Adam Milstein and his wife have been praised as being among the great Jewish leaders of our time. They have also been commended for their bold vision and passionate leadership while maintaining their unmatched generosity. Adam Milstein is the Chairman of the IAC and the organization has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing Jewish organizations in the country.

Dr. Mark McKenna Focuses on His Clients for OVME

Many people struggle to find that perfect job and be happy at what they are doing for life. Dr. Mark McKenna does not have that problem. Mark has many passions and he has learned how to put them all together to form his latest business, OVME, pronounced ‘of me’.

OVME connects consumers with the proper and best healthcare professionals. Mark’s father was a doctor and he encouraged Mark to go to medical school. Dr. Mark McKenna finished medical school at Tulane University Medical school.

Mark choose business over medical practice in New Orleans. Dr. Mark McKenna bought up real estate and established a portfolio of businesses that would help people in low income housing. Mark McKenna grew a strong business, but Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and wiped his business out. He stuck around to help rebuild New Orleans, but he knew the mortgage market was failing. He sold the business and ventured out to satisfy his love for medicine.

More and more people are having elective cosmetic surgery. Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME, so people could be connected up to the proper professional to do those surgeries. Finding the time to discuss their situation and needs is something that Mark is trying to handle with his teams. Mark has a great repour with his clients and wants to make sure each client’s needs are met with the proper professional. Innovations through technology is allowing qualified professionals to offer remote consultations. At this point, if any clients want to go through with any of the services, they must come to OVME in Atlanta, Ga.

Dr. McKenna wants to make this step easier. He is looking into an app that would allow the patients to see the professionals in their own home when they have the time. Everything is centered around making it right for the patient.

With everything that Dr. Mark McKenna has accomplished in his earlier years, it has all lead him to make OVME successful in meeting the needs of his patients. All around the country there are health conscious people who want help for a number of aesthetic and medical services. Dr. Mark McKenna wants OVME to meet those challenges and service everyone’s needs.

Betsy Devos – the new US Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos had never held a public office before her appointment to be Secretary of Education. She had made a name in the field of Education as an advocate for educational choice and pluralism. As head of the national agency responsible for public education at all levels, she faced strong challenges and many doubters. No one doubts the importance of education to the national economy and well-being. In a sense, today’s educators shape the nation’s future. The educational community in the US was deeply divided over the question public versus private education. It was a particularly sharp division in the ranks of elementary and secondary school providers.


The field of education was filled with controversy long before the election of 2016; the focus during the campaigns extended into the new administration. There was a commitment to take new and different approaches. The US was in the midst of a bitter struggle over educational policy and the overall direction of national education. There were many forces at work and all faced reality. The US lagged far behind its European and Asian competitors in student achievement. Despite vast amounts of spending, the quality of education depended more on the neighborhood in which students lived than on their talent, ambition, and family support. Betsy DeVos did not invent the controversy, but neither she did not shy away from it. She accepted the challenge and did not waiver from her core beliefs.


– Beliefs Shaped by History

Betsy DeVos grew up in Western Michigan. She was part of a wealthy family descended from Dutch immigrants. From her early years of Church and school, Mrs. DeVos’ life was immersed in Christian Reformist ideals. Brought over with Dutch settlers, the ideals of Calvinism resonated with her from her early years. She attended private schools and the Calvin College. She lived in a community that appreciated the value of religious-based education. Her background insured her activism both in the Republican Party and in the cause of school choice. She has relentlessly advocated for parent choice and charter schools as a useful alternative to public education.


Many advocates of public education genuinely believe in the potential of education to help individuals reach their potential and to prepare young people for citizenship and successful lives. Mrs. DeVos agrees, but she also believes that private schools and religious-based schools are better choices for some families and students.


– Today’s Challenges

In one dizzying week, Mrs., DeVos toured schools, appeared with the rapper Pitbull, and stood next to the President to announce policies on student civil rights. Her consistent approach to all of these situations was to follow the lead of the administration in public and to continue to press for the ideals that have shaped her core beliefs in education. Mrs. DeVos is a fighter, and she believes in family choice and the need for many sources of education.


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How Upwork Can Help You Complete Your To Do List

Upwork is the largest freelancing website. It leads the industry with being a place freelancers are able to find work and a place where customers can select professionals to complete jobs in a timely and professional way. Every year this website has millions of jobs posted. Freelancers are earning a collective of one billion dollars in salaries each year. The site has freelances that are very diverse in skills, 3,500 skills to be exact.

The idea for Upwork began a decade ago. The idea came from a technology person working in Silicon Valley. This person joined up with another person who was skilled in web design. Together they formed a team that would create a web project that would allow for freelancers to find work. Today, that company is known globally as Upwork.

Upwork has created a few tips to help you finally complete all of the tasks on your to do list. One of the tips this company recommends is keeping your to do lists in one place. It is so easy and convenient to jot down quick notes and make lists everywhere. But eventually you won’t be able to keep up with what tasks you need to complete. So, it is just best to have one place where all your notes, tasks and things you want to remember are located.

Your list may have a lot on it. But Upwork recommends that your place your priorities first. That is the second piece of advice this company recommends. What is most important must be addressed first. This freelance website places a lot of emphasis on making sure you tackle the necessities on your list. After that, then work on the tasks that are not important.

Thirdly, it may be vital your reevaluate. Some tasks we just overlook and continue to push off. Upwork suggests that maybe you should reevaluate what tasks needed to be completed immediately and what tasks can be done at another time. Either way if it makes your to do list find the time to complete the things that will make your life run more smoothly.


Yanni Hufnagel bio summarization

Yanni Hufnagel, born August 28, 1982, is a former assistant basketball coach for the Harvard Crimson, Vanderbilt Commodores, California Golden Bears, and the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s college basketball programs, and also was a graduate assistant for the Oklahoma Sooners men’s basketball team.


Hufnagel began his career with the New Jersey Nets in a summer internship program, after which he earned his first coaching position as a graduate assistant with the Sooners in the year 2007 under head coach Tommy Amaker. Mr. Hufnagel is widely credited with developing former Sooner great and perennial NBA All-Star Blake Griffin, currently playing for the Detroit Pistons.


After a two-year stint in Oklahoma, he joined the Harvard Crimson men’s basketball program as a full-fledged assistant coach. He was also an extremely talented recruiter, for which he was voted most expected to launch into the stratosphere by his peers, based solely on his recruiting ability. Prior to the 2012-13 college basketball season, he was named to CBS Sports “all coaching dream team”, once again recognized for his remarkable recruiting skills. At Harvard, he is largely credited for developing current NBA player Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin, currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks, and former D-League and current Italian League player, Wesley Saunders. During Hufnagel’s 4-year-stint, Harvard’s record was 90-30. In his final season at Harvard, seeded #14, they upset #3 seeded New Mexico in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.


In 2013, He joined the Vanderbilt Commodores, led by head coach Kevin Stallings. Hufnagel was instrumental in helping Vanderbilt land the 29th ranked recruiting class in the country, featuring star recruits Wade Baldwin IV and Matthew Fisher-Davis.


Hufnagel then joined the California Golden Bears in 2014, coached by Cuonzo Martin. He is credited with persuading 5-star recruits Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb to join California in 2015, which helped them to an NCAA Tournament berth in 2016.


From 2016-2017, Hufnagel was a coach under Eric Musselman for the Nevada Wolf Pack. He helped them earn a berth in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

The Renowned Short Seller Sahm Adrangi

Little did Sahm Adrangi knew that launching Kerrisdale Capital Management will be such an eventful journey in his career. The hedge fund has turned out to be a historic bull market that has defied all odds and has helped the 36 years old build a reputation as the best short-seller to bet against stocks successfully. And things are getting better for the Yale alumni after managing to get a 20% gain by the end of last year.

Sahm Adrangi is of Tehran origin but has spent a significant part of his life in Canada. He is now living the American dream after making a name for himself as a hedge fund manager. He intensively participates in the Hamptons organized social events that the elites find homage and indulge in enjoying various activities into late night.

His uniqueness in staying focus even when undergoing an intense financial crisis makes him stand out from other hedge fund managers. He has an incredible strength of recollecting himself and set new targets that he works hard to achieve as a way of leaving poor performance in the past and also as an effort of balancing the past ordeal.

Sahm Adrangi breakthrough and fame came about from his activism when he published a report on some Chinese companies that were conducting fraudulent activities. That activist approach alone made him gain a 180 percent returns that exponentially raised the stakes of Kerrisdale in the global market. Since the inception of Kerrisdale, most of its high returns have come from the short side even though Sahm Adrangi once said that the firm would never run net shot as the strategy is very fluid and risky, and shorting long term neither an ideal nor optimal position. Having said that Adrangi does not use Kerrisdale to make public research of quite a number of its names and neither does most of its portfolios invest in any Chinese affiliated companies.

Sahm Adrangi is an economist by profession and the way he publishes his research and findings makes him unique. He has invested heavily in hiring talented writers and skilled analysts who assist in developing articulate and detailed reports that he publishes as per his order of priority.

GreenSky Credit Transforms the Financial Credit Market.

The efforts that GreenSky Credit has shown in the quest to improve the status of the finance industry are unprecedented. This company has brought about the real improvement to the industry which has streamlined the operations of merchants and financial lenders. GreenSky Credit focuses on supporting the financial institutions in their operations of lending money to the borrowers. Their significance in the market is to ensure that the financial creditors are always in business by providing them with financial support to sustain the demands of their customers. This way the small firms in the credit business can maintain their clients as the GreenSky also benefits from their wide clientele.

The innovation and incorporation of technology in their processes have brought about a new dawn in the whole loan application process. The organization has introduced a platform whereby the borrowers can access loans online through real-time interaction with their lending firms. When the customer logs into the platform, which is owned and administered by GreenSky Credit, they are required to fill in their loan application details before submitting their requests for a review by the creditor. This takes less than two minutes. After the review, approval is granted to the GreenSky so that it can release the funds for the client’s use. At this time, the borrower is certain to wait for less than 48 hours within which the funds would have been channeled into their accounts without any delay.

David Zalik, who is the President and the CEO of the organization, has remained focused on ensuring that the GreenSky Credit maintains close business and professional relationships with the small merchants and creditors in the industry. This has been a savvy secret that he has used to leverage the wide customer base of the small firms that may not be having enough funds provide to their borrowers.

The establishment of GreenSky has been of great benefit to both the creditors and the borrowers. To the customers, they are guaranteed of a smooth and easy process of acquiring credit without being subjected to the unnecessarily rigorous background checks. To the merchants, on the other hand, they are assured that funds will always be available to them whenever their customers demand.

The transformation of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a successful firm that has been there for two decades since it started. It began in 1998 by financial partners who wanted to bring change in the financial world. Today the company has become an expert in the management of mergers and acquisition. It is the leading company in the United States that offers investment management and financial services. Their offices are in New York, and they have created employed for many employees. The founders of Fortress Investment Group include Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens.

Rob Kauffman retired from the company, but Randal Nardone and Wes Edens have continued to serve the company for its success. However, Peter Briger who is also a financial expert joined the group. Since the entry of Peter Briger, the company has been expanding because he is one of the best when it comes to marketing. The leaders are experienced, and they always work together to ensure every decision is made with care. They also meet and discuss the changes that can make the company achieve even more success.

The best part with Fortress Investment Group is that it works closely with its customers. If you invest in the company, you will be allowed to monitor your investments closely. Many customers have come to seek the services of Fortress Investment Group because they believe it is the best way they can transform it to profit. They are not wrong to believe in making profits because the company is experienced in business and finance. The expansion of the company is due to referral by friends and relatives after seeing excellent results after investing.

Fortress Investment Group has come from the humble beginning but has now grown to become one of the leading investment companies. The founders have been amazed by how the company has transformed, and they are happy with its current operations. Before coming together to start a company, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman were working for a financial management company known as BlackRock. That means they were experienced in the financial management sector and that is why the company has shown positive results since it started. They wanted to create various investment options that could allow customers to consider a broad range of investing.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Background and advice for Children with Object Trapped inside them

Dr. Saad Saad is a surgeon based in New Jersey. Flashing back to the 1980s, the Doctor gained a vital opening to do work for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. This was in the role of private pediatric surgeon. The reason he got this job is because he was the sole pediatric surgeon who was validated by the United States board. In an expressive way he would communicate in the two languages of Arabic and English.


In the middle of his profession he assisted more than 1,000 kids. They were in age range of six months to fourteen years. He would assist them in obtaining food and other objects trapped in the trachea and esophagus. Actually, the Doctor has knowledge of forty years eliminating different items from the trachea or windpipe and the esophagus or food pipe.


The Doctor has advice for objects getting trapped in children. It should be noted that if a kid is younger than six years, they can get turned the other way and get held by the legs. Thile they are getting held back their back should be tapped on and majority of time the object will be taken right out. There’s also a strategy for an older kid. This is known as the Heimlich maneuver. This works by standing before a kid and getting their hands protected over their waste. Then the hands would get thrusted into their abdomen. This is placed directly under the rib cage. Another technique if a child gets an object swallowed it shouldn’t get shoveled out with a finger. This is because attempting to shovel it out with a finger could start more stoppage. It should be noted that if the technique doesn’t work out, the child should then go right to the emergency room.


Dr. Saad has had the chance to go through much of bronchoscopies or endoscopies, in the middle of his job. He even created an advancement for endoscopes to assist him and other doctors go through the procedure more superior. In his method the Doctor had ability to change the port of anti-fog on the endoscopes side inside an irrigation device port. This is so the doctor is able to absorb any liquid that stops their sight. This is without the need to take the endoscope out from the body of the patient. The process can be more efficient and time saving.

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